Italian Paintings: September 1 - December 26, 2004

A few 2004 Italian Paintings by Stephen Quiller are still available for purchase, and they are listed first. However, we welcome you to enjoy viewing all of the paintings, Stephen's introductory description to his Italian painting tour, and his reflections on the inspiration for each painting.

Italy—A Four-Month Concert

How incredible to one day visit Michelangelo's Pieta at the Museo de Opera Duomo created when he was eighty years old and with such power and emotion.  How incredible at night to go to a concert at St. Mark's English Church and listen to arias from operas and piano concertos by magnificent talent.  How incredible to take that energy and each day go to special place and paint, simply paint for the day.

I see this trip now as a four-month concert.  There are the crescendos when I explode into a painting.  There are the quiet etudes when my brush caresses sensitively the paper while painting a very quiet and spiritual piece.  There is the opening and introduction, the interludes and the climax and conclusion.  There are the different instruments, the major and minor chords, the discord notes.  Four months is long enough that you get acquainted with the people, the culture, the pulse and the beat of the area. You see seasons change, the harvests and plantings, birth and death.  This exhibition is my concert.